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String Instrument Lessons

Create beautiful and warm sounds.
Join Caringbah Music to learn a string instrument today.

At Caringbah Music, we offer lessons in a variety of string instruments. These include: 

No better place to learn the violin, viola or cello!

The instruments of the string family all look very similar to each other, but they come in different sizes. The smallest and highest pitched is the violin. Next comes the viola and then the cello. Each instrument produces sound by running a bow across the strings. A bow is a stick with tightened hair, usually made from horsehair. When it moves across the strings, it causes vibrations which resonate through the body of the instrument and creates sound. 

These sounds are extremely pleasant, harmonious and relatively different depending on the string instrument. Violins sound sweet and melodic. Violas are darker and richer-sounding. Cellos are more mellow and full. 

Learning a string instrument has so many advantages

Firstly, it teaches you patience and discipline. These instruments are very delicate and require a great degree of control. It can be difficult to produce a nice sound on the first go, so playing a string instrument will definitely teach you the value of persistence and hard work. 

Furthermore, string instruments don’t have any frets or keys like all the other instruments. This means that you don’t really have any indication as to where to press down to produce a certain note. You have to rely on your memory and listening skills. Therefore, learning a string instrument will improve your muscle memory and allow you to develop a strong musical ear. 

Discover a versatile musical instrument!

String instruments are also one of the most versatile instruments. You can play a range of genres including classical, pop, jazz, country and folk, and can play in a variety of different ensembles such as a symphony orchestra, string quartet, jazz ensemble, country band and so much more. These ensembles will also allow you to meet like-minded musicians who have the same interests and develop long-lasting friendships.

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