Children's Guitar Lessons

Is your child interested in learning an instrument that they can jam with and reproduce recognisable songs?
Start Children’s Guitar lessons with Caringbah Music! 

Why should your child play the Guitar?

The Guitar is a great instrument to start your child out with. They come in all sizes from ¼  to full size, so age and height is not a problem. Our youngest Guitar student is just 4 ½!

Playing the Guitar is a great, productive pastime for children. It teaches them patience, persistence and discipline - skills which can be used throughout their lives. 

Learning the Guitar can also be extremely rewarding for them as well. When a child executes their first notes or chords, that overwhelming sense of achievement and excitement they feel is simply priceless. And our teachers absolutely love seeing the happy and smiling children when they reach their goals. 

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About our Guitar teachers and lessons

Here at Caringbah Music, our Guitar teachers are University graduates from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and UNSW. They are experienced, qualified and passionate about educating young minds. 

All children deserve the opportunity to be well-taught from their first lesson, and with our trained and highly-qualified teachers, they will be. 

Our children’s guitar lessons and fun, creative and engaging. They cater to each child’s desire to be hands-on, make noise and play their favourite songs just like their rock or pop star idols. 

In our lessons, children will learn to:

  • Play fun and exciting songs, expanding their musical repertoire
  • Master fundamental Guitar techniques
  • Use their creativity and play expressively 
  • Develop skills in reading music, rhythmic and pitch accuracy and expressive techniques

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