Well, it's that time of year to reflect on the year. What a year!

It's been a rollercoaster of a ride for the entire community.

I would like to sincerely thank you for your support this year!

The Caringbah Music community has proven to be very resilient, flexible, and patient.

I would like to credit our teachers for all their hard work in the ever-changing world of face-to-face and Zoom lessons.


  • We will be reopening the office and will be available for lessons from the 17th of January 2022. Please email me if you would like holiday lessons..
  • We hope to have some exciting news of additional teaching spaces to announce when we return!
  • I will be in contact from the 17th January to organize the timetable. 
  • If you wish to remain at the same lesson time in 2022, please let me know.


We wish you and your families a wonderful and safe Christmas and New Year.

Kind Regards

Shane Koek and Team

Caringbah Music 

Time to Learn an Instrument in Lockdown

Time to Learn an Instrument in Lockdown

Lockdown has been extended a month!
Perfect time to learn an instrument at Caringbah Music
Have you always wanted to learn an instrument?
In difficult situations, experience and systems count.
We have over 200 students each week attending their regular lessons online.
We have a rock-solid system in place to ensure lessons go well! We have a "keep it simple" approach. Students/ Parents are given a login to our website.
All your resources and Zoom lessons are right in front of you. Easy!
We also have a short video on how to do this for those needing assistance.
All our teachers are University-trained and experienced.
This is the Caringbah Music difference. 
Contact us on 02 9524 7925 or at

Lock Down Guitar Lessons

Lock Down Guitar Lessons

Lock Down Guitar Lessons!
Have you always wanted to learn guitar?
Are you bored in lockdown?
Do you need a break from work during the day?

All our University trained teachers are available on line.
We are experienced at providing quality lessons via
Zoom. We have a large list of easily assessable
teaching resources though our student portal.
We provide a quality PDF booklet for free to get you started.

Experience counts!. Get in contact today!

Lock Down Lessons for Kids!

Lock Down Lessons for Kids!

In lockdown and need some activity ideas?

Has your child always wanted to learn an instrument?

We have 14 musically trained and qualified teachers, for every instrument, all working online via ZOOM!

Check out our website (, and get in touch now!


Sydney Lockdown #2 (Term 3 Lessons commence online)

Sydney Lockdown #2 (Term 3 Lessons commence online)

Lockdown #2

It’s been a busy week here at Caringbah Music as we have successfully moved 250 lessons online to Zoom for the holiday period.  The good news is that we are experienced at doing this! 

We have a great team of trained and professional music teachers. This is what sets Caringbah Music apart from other music schools. The quality of teachers shines through, especially in difficult times.

How do we do this?

As most businesses have done, we have adapted, learnt, trialled and refined our systems.

We use a combination of software that interact with Zoom to provide quality lessons in a safe online environment. It can actually be fun!

All of our teachers are working remotely and we have had a 99% success rate of hassle free Zoom lessons!

Due to the current lockdown being extended, we will be running all of our studio lessons via Zoom for Week 1 of Term 3. All students have received the login and technical information required via email.

You can also check out a short video we created on our YouTube channel. Please see the link below.

We will be releasing more information in the 1st Week of Term 3, pending the health advice set out by the NSW Government.

During troubling times, consistency and routine are one of the best ways of maintaining a positive outlook for students of all ages. We look forward to seeing all our wonderful students online in Week 1 of Term 3.

Stay Safe, enjoy your lessons and keep practicing!


Shane Koek

Principal/ Owner

Caringbah Music

Transitioning to an Online Music School Part 1

Transitioning to an Online Music School Part 1

We are 3 days into transitioning into an Online Music School due to the affect s of COVID-19. Our staff and students are healthy, which is the best news of all!

I decided to pause teaching at the studio premises on Sunday 22nd March. The safety of our community and the wider community is far more important than being irresponsible and staying open.

We have taken this opportunity to transition to an online school commencing Monday 30th March. We have started creating new online content, videos, podcasts and creating online resources to use with our new online lessons. Once the current situation has stabilised, we will open the studio for face to face lessons.

We will be using a mixture of Zoom and Skype depending on the individual students needs.

All our teachers are available online. We are all learning and trialling the online platforms to allow for the smoothest possible transition we can.

Caringbah Music only employs University trained musicians and qualified teachers. This is our strength. Each teacher is experienced with a wealth of knowledge. It is this fact that moving online, whilst stressful and hurried, is an achievable task!

3 weeks ago: if you asked me if this would be happening i would've dreamt we would be doing this so early on.

2 Weeks ago: I started the initial planning.

1 Week ago: We ramped up our planning.

3 Days ago: I closed the doors and started the transition!

In 4 days time we reopen online!


What a crazy ride!


Stay Safe

Shane Koek

Caringbah Music