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Saxophone Lessons

Have you ever wanted to learn the smoothest instrument in the band?
No matter how young or old you are, learn saxophone with Caringbah Music!

Why you should learn the Saxophone

The saxophone is one of the world’s most popular instruments as it is timeless and versatile. The sax is extremely useful if you’re wanting to play in a school band or a large orchestra, and you can play a range of genres and styles including Jazz, Classical, Pop, Rock and Blues.

The saxophone is a beautiful instrument

Furthermore, saxophone sounds are extremely soothing and relaxing. Even the biggest names in mainstream music, like Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry use the saxophone in their songs. So, if you ever want to meet your idol, playing the saxophone might be a good place to get there.

Learn the saxophone in a fun environment

Starting out with the saxophone will also make it easier for you to transition to different woodwind instruments such as the clarinet or the flute, because the fingering system is easy to learn and transfer. So, become a multi-talented and well-rounded musician with the saxophone... And there's no better place to learn sax in a fun and engaging environment than at Caringbah Music, the best place to learn the sax in the Shire.


Singing lesson with a child

"Shane has incredible patience, is enthusiastic about music, and has awesome teaching skills. As a result, each lesson passes by very quickly. He constantly instils confidence and makes learning to play music fun. The group sessions are always a hoot! Can't wait till my next lesson!"

- John Wickham

About our saxophone lessons

At Caringbah Music, our saxophone lessons are taught by trained musicians and educators. All our saxophone teachers are graduates from UNSW. They are knowledgeable, professional and can help develop a students' musical skills to the highest level.

We personalise our saxophone lessons

Our teachers understand that no two students are alike. Their teaching approach is tailored to the needs and learning style of each learner. As passionate musicians, they want to share their love of music and ensure every student is enjoying themselves as much as possible while learning to master the saxophone.

Fun saxophone lessons on offer

Whether you’re simply looking to play for fun, wanting to improve your music exam marks at school, or preparing to sit for a music board examination, our saxophone teachers are ready and keen to help you!

In our music lessons, students will learn to:

Play fun and familiar songs
Expand their musical repertoire
Master fundamental and advanced saxophone techniques
Create a resonant tone and play expressively
Develop skills in reading music, rhythmic accuracy, music theory and aural skills

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Join Caringbah Music now. We are so excited to welcome you into our musical family. Contact us today to tee up that complimentary saxophone lesson. You'll be glad you did!


Learn to play saxophone

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