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Guitar Lessons

Do you want to learn one of the most popular instruments in the world?
Learn the guitar with us at Caringbah Music!

Why you should learn the guitar

The guitar is one of the most popular instruments of the 21st century. One of the chief reasons for its immense popularity is its versatility, as there are so many styles you can play, including: Rock, Pop, Classical, Jazz, Contemporary, and Folk music.

Whether you're looking to learn the electric guitar to bring out your inner rockstar or to learn the acoustic guitar to become a singer/songwriter or a classical/Spanish or Flamenco guitarist, Caringbah Music can help you master them all! No matter where your interest in guitar learning lies, we have specialist Rock, Classical and Jazz Guitar teachers to help you reach your goals.

At Caringbah Music, we offer guitar lessons for anyone and everyone. Our youngest student is 4 1/2 years old and our eldest is a retiree in their 70's. Our university-trained teachers are experts at teaching all ages, skill levels and guitar styles. In the hands of our guitar teachers, there's no limit what you can achieve! Join us to experience the pleasure of playing one of the world's most popular instruments and learn to play the music you love!


"Shane has incredible patience, is enthusiastic about music, and has awesome teaching skills. As a result, each lesson passes by very quickly. He constantly instils confidence and makes learning to play music fun. The group sessions are always a hoot! Can't wait till my next lesson!"

- John Wickham

About our guitar teachers

At Caringbah Music, our guitar teachers are accomplished and highly-qualified musicians who are university graduates from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and UNSW. They are passionate, talented and enthusiastic about teaching the guitar to learners of all skill levels. If you're passionate about learning the guitar, you'll find kindred spirits among our guitar teachers!

Our teaching approach is educational and fun! We understand that no two students are the same, so we cater to the needs of each individual student and teach in a way that is both engaging and enjoyable. We value their ideas and at the end of the day, want to make sure that they are happy in their musical journey and development.

Children guitar lessons

The Guitar is a great instrument to start your child out with. The instrument comes in all sizes from 1/4 to full size, so age and height are not a problem.

Playing the Guitar can be extremely rewarding for children. Our teachers absolutely love seeing the happy and smiling children when they learn their first notes and chords.

All children deserve the opportunity to be well-taught from their first lesson, and with our trained and highly-qualified teachers, they will be.

Children guitar groups

Our Children Guitar Groups are designed to create a fun and comfortable environment where kids can meet like-minded musicians and create beautiful music together.

These group sessions teach kids the value of teamwork, cooperation and respect for each other.

Children guitar group lessons also encourage students to work hard and achieve their best with the support from their peers. Playing with friends is always more fun than playing alone, and will allow a child's love for music to flourish.

Contact us to learn more and to try an introductory guitar lesson.

Adult guitar lessons

We have a large number of adult students at Caringbah Music. Our adult guitar learners range in ability from beginner to advanced guitarist, so no matter what your skill level is, we have an adult guitar lesson to suit you.

We craft our adult lessons based the learners needs, out of respect for their aims and desires, and to develop in them a love and passion for music.

Learning the guitar at Caringbah Music is extremely fun – whether you want to learn something new or pick up a hobby in your spare time.

Adult guitar groups

We have the following groups available:

● Adult Beginner Guitar Group
● Adult Intermediate Guitar Group

● Adult Jam Groups (just like playing in a band)

Thanks to Caringbah Music's adult guitar groups, adults have the opportunity to play with those who are similar ages and skill levels, meet new people outside of family and work, and have heaps of fun playing the guitar in a supportive social setting. Adult guitar learners can thus showcase their amazing skills and bond over a long-established or newfound love of guitar music.


Learn to play guitar

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