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Learn to play the guitar as an adult

It’s always great to pick up a new skill or hobby as an adult. After years of going to school, studying at uni and working a steady career, there are not that many opportunities to continue learning or to keep the mind stimulated.

Learning the guitar is very rewarding

Picking up the guitar can be a challenging activity, but it’s also very rewarding and can offer you a sense of achievement that you might not receive in other aspects of your life. 

Furthermore, music can be a great stress reliever, especially in a life that can be busy and fast-paced. Playing the Guitar is the perfect way to unwind after a long work day or even simply as a weekend pastime. 

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It’s never too late to learn how to play the classic songs you grew up with. Relive your fantasy of being a rock star, showing off your new talents to your friends, family and even colleagues. Join us for a FREE introductory guitar lesson at Caringbah Music!

About our adult beginner guitar lessons 

Here at Caringbah Music, our guitar teachers are experienced and qualified university graduates from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and UNSW. They are patient, friendly, and understand that everybody’s musical journey starts at different stages of life. 

We tailor our guitar lessons to your needs

Our teachers tailor their teaching approach to suit the needs and desires of their adult students, whether it be a song they particularly want to play or a cool guitar technique they'd like to learn. 

In our adult guitar lessons, students will learn to:

  • Play fun and familiar songs
  • Expand their musical repertoire
  • Master fundamental guitar techniques
  • Use their creativity and play expressively 
  • Develop skills in reading music, rhythmic and pitch accuracy, and expressive techniques

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