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Learn one of the coolest Jazz and Classical instruments to ever exist.
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The trombone is the most unique instrument in the brass section. It doesn’t have any confusing buttons, keys or fingering combinations that you have to deal with. It has one huge slider to lower and raise the pitch, to produce loud sounds that are deep and unmistakable.  

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As it has only one slider, learning the trombone will develop your accuracy and coordination to get the right notes. The trombone will engage your memory, teach you patience and be a fun way to work out your arms too! In learning the trombone, you will be exposed to all types of musical genres like Classical, Jazz and Pop. So, no matter what style of music you prefer, the trombone can play it! Once you've mastered the trombone, you will be able to play in a variety of different ensembles, including Jazz bands, Concert bands, Symphony orchestras and more!  

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"Shane has incredible patience, is enthusiastic about music, and has awesome teaching skills. As a result, each lesson passes by very quickly. He constantly instils confidence and makes learning to play music fun. The group sessions are always a hoot! Can't wait till my next lesson!"

- John Wickham

Trombone lessons taught by professionals

At Caringbah Music, our Trombone teachers are university trained and qualified. They are highly experienced and knowledgeable educators committed to sharing their passion for music and the trombone in particular.

Fun and educational music lessons

Our teaching approach is both fun and educational. At Caringbah Music, we cater to the needs of each student and value their ideas and input. Our aim is to make each students’ trombone learning journey a positive and enjoyable experience, and to help learners progress towards and to meet their goals.  

In lessons, trombone students will learn to:  

  • Play fun and familiar songs
  • Expand their musical repertoire
  • Master fundamental and advanced trombone techniques
  • Create a resonant tone and play expressively  
  • Develop skills in reading music, rhythmic accuracy, music theory and aural skills

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