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Adult Ukulele Lessons

Always wanted to play an instrument, but thought it was too late to pick one up? It’s never too late!

Join our Adult Ukulele Program at Caringbah Music and play the music you love!

Adult ukulele lessons

A ukulele might look similar to a guitar or bass, but it's much simpler to understand and to play. That’s why it’s such a popular instrument for children and beginner musicians. Ukuleles are small, lightweight and easy to carry. They don’t take up much space in your house, don’t require much strength to hold for long periods of time, and are transportable no matter where you’re going.

A cheap way to learn to play music

Even the best ukuleles are still relatively inexpensive, so buying one won’t break the bank. Ukuleles only have four strings and their chord combinations are quite easy to remember. So, if your memory is getting worse with age, then the Ukulele may be the perfect instrument for you! 

Learning the ukulele is pure fun

The strings of a ukulele are made of nylon. This means they are very easy to press down. This is great for adults who aren’t as strong or dexterous as they were when they were younger and it's pain free! Playing the ukulele is just fun. With its soft, warm and dainty sounds, it is a great way to unwind after a long day at work. With the ukulele, you can alleviate your stress by playing all your favourite songs and have countless hours of enjoyment.  

Try A Free Lesson!

"Shane has incredible patience, is enthusiastic about music, and has awesome teaching skills. As a result, each lesson passes by very quickly. He constantly instils confidence and makes learning to play music fun. The group sessions are always a hoot! Can't wait till my next lesson!"

- John Wickham

About our ukulele lessons

At Caringbah Music, our ukulele teachers are all university music graduates. They are qualified and trained educators with extensive music knowledge and a passion for playing and teaching the ukulele.  

Fun adult ukulele lessons

Our ukulele teachers bring fun and creativity to all their lessons. Learn the ukulele should be fun and we want to ensure that all our students enjoy themselves. It's the best way to learn, to acquire a love of music and to develop an enthusiasm for it too.  

Learn ukulele at your own pace

In lessons, adults determine the path and direction that they want to take. They choose which song to learn and the pace at which they're comfortable mastering the instrument. Teachers are there to support them as they learn the ukulele and to encourage them towards reaching their goal.

Students will learn chords, rhythm, strumming patterns and more in a fun and relaxing setting that delivers results.

Your first ukulele lesson is on us!

Sign up for Caringbah Music’s Adult Ukulele Program. The first lesson is FREE! Contact us today.

Learn to play the Ukulele. 

Try a FREE ukulele lesson today!


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