Caringbah Music School is a music school with a difference!

Qualified teachers and professional musicians.

Caringbah Music is an exciting professionally run Teaching Studio with a modern Digital Teaching space.

It it is run by qualified teachers and professional musicians that promotes excellence.


Fun, planned and organised lessons to get the best out of your time, money and effort!. 

Music Lessons in Caringbah.

Caringbah Music Facilities


Caringbah Music is a modern digital teaching space


Caringbah Music's lessons combine the use of modern teaching styles and techniques, without forgetting the fundamentals!

Caringbah Music School Community


Our students range from the age

of 4 to 70 !

With strong community ties.

We cater for students with all levels of abilities.

Caringbah Music teachers are trained to teach students from the beginning student to the advanced.

We also cater for students with learning difficulties. Often these students excel in the right environment. 


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The Caringbah Music Difference

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